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Name: GG
Subject: Update #1

I don't really know where to begin, so I'll start by saying there won't be new pictures for a while. The cell phone reception is very weak where we are staying, which is good since the whole point of our vacation is to get away from everything, so I will do my best to write about it ;)

Our midnight departure from LAX was very cool. The redesigned Tom Bradley International Terminal is very modern and elegant and we liked it a lot. My wife and daughter enjoyed their duty free shopping (which is now located after security) at Dior while I bought myself a bottle of Jack. Boarding the airplane, the push back, and the following aircraft taxi procedure from the terminal to our assigned runway (25R) was a breeze. There was no delay and things were not as hectic as they are during the daytime. In short we had an easy start for our very long flight.

Our Qantas flight was nice and smooth. The cabin crew was friendly, professional and efficient. When we boarded my wife got in the same friendly spirit by simply shaking the purser's hand instead of showing him the boarding pass. Of course after that he remembered her and us and when we disembarked the airplane we shook his hand again.

I guess the flight crew must like the route from LAX to SYD as well. There's not too much to do on this flight since it is a straight line over open water across the equator. Just as we crossed the international date line my sweetheart brought us a drink to celebrate, after all it was time to toast my birthday;) We had hardly any bumps so I didn't have to worry about spilling any of my liquor :)

The approach into Sydney was great and we landed on time. I have to say the flight didn't feel as long as it was. Everyone here has been very friendly, even the drug/food sniffing dog at customs was happy as he checked our bags.

Picking up our rental car was the next thing on the agenda. To my surprise and delight we got a brand new white VW Golf 7 TSI with DSG and only 200 km on it. It really is brand new, it was just built in December and had its PDI done two weeks ago. The woman at the rental place also seemed to enjoy her work (even though her long black fingernails seemed to be in her way when typing). After I signed everything and appeared to be safe for driving we went to the Apple store in downtown to pick up an adaptor for our iPhones. My daughter was my navigator and thanks to the friendly Google voice we didn't get lost but driving on the opposite side in such a busy city was quite unnerving. The start/stop function of the car didn't help, at first I thought I had an engine problem. Things were better after I found the button to disable this, in my opinion, useless feature but I still couldn't find suitable parking, or for that matter any parking. To solve the issue I asked my daughter to just jump out and go into the store while I circled the place. Without my wife's guidance I would have probably gotten lost just driving around the block as I started to suffer from jet lag.

The drive from Sydney to our final destination in Seal Rocks, about 300 km north, was amazing. It's a very beautiful part of Australia and our new Golf 7 performed very well. There may be a slight oversupply of cops on the highways ;)

It is so beautiful here in Seal Rocks that it is really difficult to put it into words so this is where all the photos will come in later. So please bear with me. It is nice to be away from "it all". Our beach house is spectacular. It has an open floor plan with lots of glass doors and windows. Trees surround it on all sides and the wrap-around deck allows for a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean wherever you are. All there is to hear is the wildlife, the crashing of the waves and the occasional fishing boat...

The water is warm and so is the air temperature. Except for some fisherman and a few locals, we pretty much have a golden stretch of sandy beach all to ourselves.

After we unpacked a little we went to the beach where my loved ones surprised me with a beautiful birthday card and gift. Again, I was very happy and excited. They also brought along some of the Jack Daniel's we bought at LAX mixed with Coke and served over ice :)

More will follow as the story continues...

Sent from GG's new iPhone :)
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