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Name: GG
Subject: Update #7

Well, the last few days of our vacation— our days in Sydney— have passed by way too quickly. We knew we only had a short time here but it seems to have been even shorter than it was.

We are packing now and preparing for the morning when we will head to the airport to fly back home. I don't want to go...

Sydney has a different feel from other cities I've seen, it's especially different from Los Angeles. I wouldn't consider myself a "city guy" but if it was possible I wouldn't mind living in Sydney. There's something about it that makes it comfortable, the people are friendly and active (so many pedestrians and busses— no car required), there are many coffee shops and little restaurants. Walking through downtown, around the Harbour and the gardens was so nice, we loved every bit of it.

Despite the fact that we weren't here long, we experienced quite a bit. Fun fact: do you know why the Harbour Bridge is grey? Apparently no other color was available in such a large quantity: 80,000 liters. Cool right? We also stopped by the Sea Life Aquarium, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Bondi Beach, Featherdale Wildlife Park, the Opera House, Circular Quay, the Museum of Sydney, we drove over Harbour Bridge a few times, wandered through the city— it was great!

Another observation is that people here, for the most part, are slim. They're also very friendly and the women are quite pretty. In terms of cars, I saw a handful of Porsches and also a few Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Australia gets other cool cars that the US market doesn't: the new Golf 7 is already out (and is great!!), we saw a VW Scirocco and some Audi models that aren't for sale in the US. Generally the cars people drive here are smaller; there aren't many SUVs or at least we didn't see a lot of them.

Anyways, this vacation is definitely one for the books and with some luck it won't be our last visit to Australia as a whole and Sydney in particular.

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